Studying Japanese

As of three weeks ago I decided it was finally time to tackle a project I have been putting off for far too long. I am teaching myself Japanese! (with the help of a friend who learned in high school) The 1st week I tackled body parts and just learned the romanji (the Japanese word written in english) and learning those went into the following week. During week 2 I also learned some phrases such as : I’m hungry (Onaka ga suki mashita) , I don’t know (Wakari Masen), and I have a cough (Seki ga deru). Last week I learned to count to 100 and also a bunch of animal names. Finally this week I am learning the Hiragana alphabet!

Learning the Hiragana alphabet is hard and the worst part is I still have to learn the Katakana one and Kanji. I took French in high school but at least the alphabet looked the same! Although I hated having masculine and feminine nouns… I guess learning languages is just hard for me for one reason or another. I am going to stick with it though! This is the year I do things I’ve been putting off!! Blogging, Learning Japanese, Getting in Shape I WILL TACKLE THEM ALL! Plus, hopefully I can do even more things I’ve wanted to do for a long time, maybe skateboarding?


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