It’s less than a month till I will be attending the Minnesota anime convention : Anime Detour.

This year for detour I am going to try and cosplay…  Why did I set so many 2013 goals?????????????

Anyhow, my friend Joey was going to order our costumes yesterday. So I think we got the ball rolling!! So what am I going to be for my 1st ever cosplay you ask?  “Heroine” from Amnesia.

For those of you who don’t know, she looks like this:


So my pieces look like this so far:



So hopefully everything comes in time…. and hopefully it fits…. and hopefully I can find cheap boots and tights and maybe even a purse….


In case you do not know and can’t put it all together, Cosplay is costume play where you dress as a character from pretty much anything that interests you. I chose a game/anime that I really like as my first time out. Here is to hoping I don’t screw it up my first time out…


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