weekly haul

Ok…. so I know this looks like a lot of stuff but…my mom was in town. So most of this was gifts from her.


So first we have ponies! My mom bought me the Princess Cadence and Twilight Sparkle. I bought the Pinkie Pie and random stallion ( I forgot his name) and my friend bought me the Fluttershy. They are all random and these are the ones I got.


Clothing – I got the Sailor Moon top at Hot Topic, the skirt at Charlotte Russe (both from my mom) and I bought the shirt at Target.


I also got these shorts at Target.


These socks were from Toys R Us ( like some of the ponies) and super duper cheap on sale.


I somehow ended up with a bunch of Monster High dolls this week. The Abby is just from Target but I found the 3 swim dolls at Barnes and Nobel of all places!!


Lastly, Also gotten at Barnes and Nobel – Sailor Moon #2. I have a bunch of the old “Smile Magazine” Sailor Moon comics but thought these manga were really nice looking. I don’t really buy manga much anymore because I usually have no money but this is one series I will try to collect from time to time.

I doubt next week will bring much more but we will see.


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