Otome Games I Am Playing

Yeah!!!! It’s almost the weekend!!!

So on to today’s topic:

Japanese Video Games That I Am Trying To Play With Limited Knowledge (very limited) of Japanese :

So First of all I am trying to play 3 games, all with varying degrees of success.

1st we have Amnesia Later:


This is a story is a follow up to a game about about a girl with amnesia. She wakes up on August 1st and finds out she has no memories and has to rely on a male individual who changes depending on which world you choose to enter. There are 5 guys you can choose to be your boyfriend in this game and their personalities are quite different. Since this is a follow up game you have your memories for most of the game. You see what happens in your relationships with the guys after the 1st game. It’s a very cute game and very easy. Your answers to questions don’t really affect the outcome of the game like they do in the 1st one. For that reason this game is relatively easy even if you are a non-Japanese speaker. Plus it has super pretty drawings so that always helps for me! This is also the series I am using for my cosplay coming up!

The 2nd game is Diabolik Lovers :


This game, Diabolik Lovers,  is not one to play if you embarrass easily. It is a game about vampires and although there is no nudity or sex there are vampire slurping noises that are rather sexual… Plus there is a strong S and M theme that is in all the routes. Besides that the voice actors use something called a “dummy mic”, which captures a person’s voice from the angle that they talk into it, this results in the voices sounding as if they are talking to you more directly like from right beside you or behind you. This made me jump a couple of times when I was in a room alone! There are 6 paths in this game and the personalities of the guys are very… interesting… Just to name a few there is a brother who is always sleeping some where and gets annoyed when you wake him, a really creepy teddy bear carrying brother…he scares me and a pretty funny but fairly perverted brother who is always getting suspended from school . HAHA The fact that I am playing this makes me probably sound terrible but it’s actually really interesting. There are a lot more choices in this game and they do affect your ending (each character has 3 endings) but as long as you pick the answer that gives you hearts for the first chapters of each section and the answers that give you ….blue chandeliers (why blue chandeliers, I don’t know the game is Japanese so I don’t think too hard about anything) for the last chapters of each section you should get the best ending!

The last one is Black Wolves Saga : Last Hope  :


The last game I am playing is Black Wolves Saga : Last Hope (Lastu Hopeu…haha) This game is the best looking and most annoying. It took me 4 days (not of solid play but probably 4 or 5 hours) to get through the prologue of this game!! The story in this game is very involved and I have been reading a walk through as I go so I can hopefully stay on the path to the good ending. There is no real indicator if you chose the correct answer to their questions in this game. I REALLY WISH I KNEW WHAT WAS GOING ON!!!! So this game is the one I haven’t really made much progress in. I have not finished a single path so far… Just finished the prolouge and started the 1st of what I think are 9 characters paths. I read somewhere that you need to get some characters good and bad ends to unlock some of the other characters…. UGH

So these are the otome games I am currently playing and I have made the most progress in Diabolik Lovers because the story lines are the most interesting in my opinion.

Maybe when I am done translating the current story line I am playing I will post it on here. Haha We’ll see!


7 thoughts on “Otome Games I Am Playing

  1. They look like fun, I do the same thing. I can’t read well in Japanese but I continue to get games that involve lots of reading 😀 You should play Hetalia sometime. Amnesia Later looks so pretty. How did you start playing these games?

    • I actually started playing ones for the DS a while ago because a game called Dual Love came out. It was about coaching boxers. haha The lady who did the art for that also did a manga series called Hana Kimi which I love, so I gave it a try. I loved it and so I started playing Otome Games. 🙂 I don’t know if I knew there were Hetalia games, but I did watch season 1 of the anime!

      • Oh wow I love Hana Kimi too 😀 Yeah I bought Hetalia for the DS….not as fun if you can’t read lol. Do you like shojo manga? If so you should totally read anything by Takada Rie like Punch.

  2. I have read Punch 🙂 I have read most things that have been released by Shoujo Beat in the US. I sadly do not buy much manga anymore as i have moved on to other hobbies but I read all the series we bought before from time to time and read some scanlations online too.

  3. Woah, you sure are taking things fast. xDD Diabolik Lovers and Last Hope are not quite the easiest games for Japanese beginners. ^^

    I think you should finish Amnesia Later first, because its reading function is quite nice, if you don’t have so much Kanji knowledge. I’m currently playing Last Hope and OMG it’s sometimes so hard to understand, especially the parts, where Fiona narrates or endings, that are told only by text… I try to look up as many Kanji’s as I can, but sometimes it gets really frustrating…

    • Yeah I have found Last Hope to be very aggravating. I used your prologue and main story post to get me through the beginning actually! But now that has taken a back burner because I have been trying to play Diabolik Lovers. Trying… 🙂 Do you recommend any games that are easier for beginners? (I did get really excited when I recognized that Kanato was saying he was thirsty without having to look anything up…haha 🙂 ) I had a friend of mine trying to help me with translations in Last Hope until he said “um… I think the translation for this is … the sound of sucking saliva back into ones mouth?” I died of embarrassment and have gone back to trying on my own.

      • Uppps… That was a bad scene you chose for getting translated there. xDD

        Well… I haven’t played that much games so far, but I heard that Uta no Prince Sama -Repeat- is pretty easy to understand, since the dialogues are kept very simple. Another game for beginners would be Arcana Famiglia, where the heroine doesn’t talk very much and the other characters are all voiced.

        I general each normal highschool romance game will be quite easy to understand because of the simple language. I would recommend Storm Lover to you, but I’m not sure if you have problems with reading Kanji, because this game features a lot of text messages, that are not voiced. ^^

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