Some Movies I Watched Recently

Here is a list of the movies I watched in March:

Wreck It Ralph

So I had been wanting to see this since it came out in the theaters! I love video games and pixar movies so this was super exciting! It was definitely what I thought it was going to be. Toy Story but for video games. I can say it wasn’t my favorite pixar movie but it was really CUTE! Plus I love Sarah Silverman. haha So I am glad this was my Easter gift this year, once my son gets a bit older we can watch it together. For now…he has no interest… But I Recommend it!

Rosemary’s Baby

FINALLY! I had been wanting to watch this movie for so long. Not because I love horror films but because of the aesthetics. It looks so amazing from the costumes to the setting, and Mia Farrow is so pretty. Plus the things that happened in the real world to the director and his family following this movie were more horrific than the movie and after reading Helter Skelter this seems tame in comparison if you know what I mean…. This was a really good movie and a definite recommend!


I can not recommend this movie. It made me so uncomfortable… The fact that situations like this actually happened make me wonder how people can be so dumb. What happens is a girl is accused of stealing by a caller pretending to be a cop. He tells them that they have to strip search the girl in the back room and leave her in the care of a male person. You can probably guess what happens and while it’s not a graphic movie, it is hard to watch. I fast forwarded a part of it…. but I did finish it because once I start a movie there is something in me that has to finish it….

Battle Royale

FINALLY!!! This is another movie I had really been wanting to watch all of! I had seen part of it while over at a friend’s house about 5 years ago but never got around to watching all of it.Now that I have seen it all I find it super funny that the person who wrote The Hunger Games claims to have never seen it before… I loved it more than the hunger games. (Then again I hated the MOVIE version of The Hunger Games) It’s gory but so excessively that I find it kind of funny, you know like I cut your neck now here’s 3 gallons of blood spray. Anyway I thought it was a good movie.

Shakespeare High

A documentary about a big multi high school Shakespeare festival. Very interesting but kid’s with a lot of acting ambition always inspire me and make me uncomfortable at the same time. As a shy person, people who act over the top in front of others on purpose always make me cringe a bit. 

(A) Sexual

Another documentary. This time we have people that are asexual. The movie wasn’t so much about people that are asexual as it was about one persons experiences with being asexual. I found this documentary a bit boring…


Anyhow I also re-watched Happy Gilmore and Jackass The Movie. I find that the funnier I find the movie the more likely I am to watch it again. Also they just added a bunch of cartoon network cartoons to netflix, so we’ll see how many movies I watch this month. My goal for every month is five!


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