Weekly Haul

This week’s haul is a bit smaller ( I think…) I got a couple things for the convention (In just a couple weeks!!) even though they are the wrong color… I HOPE NO ONE JUDGES MEEEEEEEEE


So not gonna lie, I found no white boots in THE MALL OF AMERICA!!!! That’s a lot of stores guys… So target had a buy one get one sale and I decided to get these boots for my cosplay because I can wear them again. Now I have seen about 7 girls wearing them and even seen some girls posting them on poupee. Do you guys have a poupee? If so add me!


What do you want when you just bought studded boots? 50% off studded sneakers. It’s a sickness guys.


So since I got black boots and found no white purses that were cute enough I got this! It’s cute enough that I can use it again. Although I usually bring a big bag everywhere because I have to bring pull-ups and colors and snacks (ect.) Maybe I will use this for our like yearly date night or whatever…


Easter gifts!! So technically The Hobbit was my gift to my husband but… I love it too so I am including it in swag! We saw it at Christmas time for a date night in IMAX 3D. It was awesome but not worth the 14.50 tickets we bought. YUCK That was with $2 off for being zoo members!! (We have an Imax at our zoo)


Working out! Stretching out and feeling so Alive!! Hmm, I think that was a song on Jem or a Barbie video I had as a kid… ANYHOW these are my new work out clothes. I don’t know if I have talked about this but I am on a diet and exercise plan. It sucks but I think it’s helping.


Also for my cosplay…. I couldn’t find argyle tights. I FEEL LIKE A FAILURE!!! 😦


Lastly I got this. Mini story time: So I went to MOA (Mall of America) to find cosplay items and was like “i’m gonna go to Forever 21”. So I went to the wrong floor because I was in a rush BUT it ended up not being the wrong floor!! Forever 21 is on level 1 now AND level … I don’t know level aquarium? level B1? WHATEVER It is 2 levels now *drool* There is too much to look at. VISUAL OVERLOAD! Anyhow, I couldn’t not get something there. PLUS I had a gift card from Christmas. (because I wanted to get the sanrio x forever 21 stuff but never got my butt over there) Anyhow… I got this dress and my workout clothes there. THE END

So that’s my haul this week. So this week was still pretty awesome! Next week (or this week I suppose) will probably be like … negative haul since we have bills and a convention on the horizon.


7 thoughts on “Weekly Haul

  1. Ah I couldn’t get to your page on poupee~here’s mine http://pupe.ameba.jp/profile/pL65J0XZhzk3/. Don’t worry about not being perfect but usually don’t care and when they do get perfect items they either buy everything from ebay or Japan. Most people seem to cosplay as L from death note lol. Ah I love both those DVDs~ Aww your dress is super cute. Nice haul 😉

      • Death Note does seem to be a thing people dress from a lot. Plus Naruto and Bleach are always EVERYWHERE! I am really hoping my stuff comes quickly that I ordered. I did order my wig and dress off ebay and I am scared because the tracking # links to a blank page….

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