weekly – weekly – weeeekly haul la la

Ok, so this weeks haul is… small…

BUT, this time next week you will get to see my convention haul! YEAH!

DSC00227First up I got a new contact case! It’s an Owl. 🙂 (From the Target $1 spot)

DSC00230We also got these chip clips.  They are so cute!!!!!

DSC00231I needed a toothbrush holder for the hotel so I got this little pig one. I just love pig themed things. They are one of my favorite animals! (Which is also why I try to not eat pork)


Also, maybe  a bit of a stretch for my haul but my dad got us a new mattress AND box spring (which we have never had) so now our bed is so TALL!

It used to be this low:

Picture 119

wow… that’s an old photo… but you get the idea. I feel like a full fledged adult now!

Anyhow, this will probably be my last post until I get back from the convention!

Hope you all have a great weekend. SEE YOU MONDAY!


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