Anime Detour Day 1

The first day of Anime Detour was spent running around to a lot of boys houses… Well I got to the hotel at 9:30am and the boys had just woken up. So we went and got breakfast at Perkins – YUM! Eggs Benedict!! Anyhow then each of the 3 guys needed to get something from their houses so we drove around the twin cities for awhile.

Once back at our hotel we made our way to get our passes. The line was almost non existent at this time thankfully so we made it up to get our passes fast. So my friend Joey was all “I got passes for myself and these 3 can we get them? The girl told us we each had to get our own and we all needed our ids… Cole (slowly the boys names come to light) and I forgot ours upstairs so we ran back up to get them. Once back down Cole got his pass and I figured out Joey doesn’t know how to spell my last name…

So we got to stand in the “problem line” for almost an hour!!! At least the guys stood their with me and entertained me. 🙂 So it went faster than it would have! So once we finally got to the front it was an easy fix and my reward? I got hit on by a suicide girl and it left Joey feeling confused. It was kind of funny… 😉

After all that was done we got to go to our 1st panel of the convention!! It was all about Japanese Snacks! I got to eat: A roasted Soy Bean (yuck), A hard green tea candy (YUM!!), A cinnamon flavored red bean mochi (yum), a piece of squid jerky (yum), refined sugar with some kind of bean in it (disgusting), brown sugar thing that tasted like hard terriyaki sauce (ok), let’s see I think there were a few more… but you get the jist if nothing else. The panel was fun even though my friend Garret kind of almost threw up when a tiny fish got stuck in the back of his throat. The face of the guy sitting on the floor below him was PRICELESS!


These were the snacks I brought for the husband!

After that we went and looked through the “Artist Alley”, all the art was SO pretty! I wanted so many prints but ended up with none 😦

Next we found the “dealer room” which Cole suspected was where they sold drugs. haha So here is what I scored on the 1st day:


Umi from Magic Knight Rayearth – old school


Toma and Ukyo keychains

After that the guys wanted to chill and talk in the room for awhile. I won’t bore you with what we talked about.

Then I made Joey go to the Lolita panel with me! He was making jokes the whole time but he was happy because a group of gorgeous adventure time cosplayers were right in front of us! We had to leave the panel early though because Joey had a NEED to buy liquor and the store was closing soon.


These were the girls from the Lolita panel I was talking about and me.

This is where things get scary for a bit – I was abandoned!! I am super shy and awkward and my friends weren’t picking up their phones!! So I just kind of aimlessly rode elevators for a bit…

Finally my friend Mike answered his phone!

So we went to his room that he was sharing with our friend Cory and we drank. During our drinking and dancing party a random guy came to join our party and try and get Cory to be gay. Are you gay? How about now? Um… nope I still don’t think I’m gay sorry. It was so silly. Anyway we hung out awhile and then I got REALLY DRUNK and I think I missed some things that happened but in the end Cory and the visitor left, Mike wanted to DANCE at the RAVE, I didn’t… and I got ABANDONED again…

Thankfully Garret answered his phone so I went and talked to him and whined about my night. He was SO NICE and listened to me even though he had been drinking too. Later Cole came too and we talked alot.

That was my 1st day.

If you are still reading this at this point, WOW, thank you!

I will try and condense Day 2 if I can.


I leave you with this photo of Joey and Garret in their costumes!


2 thoughts on “Anime Detour Day 1

  1. Sadly, the outfit had to be pieced together because my costume never showed up but someone noticed who I was and asked for a photo and I got a few wig compliments so I felt like it was ok. 🙂

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