Anime Detour Days 2 and 3

Day 2

Ok so this day was kind of … all over the place so I am just going to do a quick run down:


Breakfast at Subway – Ham and Cheese and Egg Sandwich

Saturday Morning Cartoons Panel

Shopping (Pictures at the end)

Chatting with friends in our room

Game playing

Panel time!

Chatting With Friends

Cosplay Contest

An awkward moment we won’t talk about…

Game playing

Went to bed around 1am. Couldn’t really sleep though so watched some tv and a movie…

Kept having to let in drunk roomates because they forgot their keys….

All in all it was a really fun second day but after a strange thing that occurred in the night… well it would have been much more fun if it never happened


Day 3

We pretty much woke up late, packed, finished our shopping and left.

All the boys were insanely tired and apparently so was I as I slept most of the day and felt so achy… I also got insanely sick on Monday and Tuesday…

On that note… IT’S HAUL TIME:



So I bought these “mystery bags” and this was one of the prizes inside one of them! It’s a beast wars transformer!!



The other bag had this one!



They also each had a bomerman toy (one of which I gave to a friend) and capsule toys (which I gave to friends) plus each one had a dvd and a manga!



Hmm… in retrospect I KNOW I should have just gotten this whole set and not gotten the key chains… now I have no Ikki and so Shin… SO SAD!!



My present for my husband!







and WOW that is a horrible photo…but yeah this is the gift I picked up for my brother!

So that concludes my write up on Anime Detour! I am such a pitiful blogger I barely took any photos. Hopefully next year will be much better for that!


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