Amnesia Crowd

I started playing Amnesia Crowd yesterday!



I have only played through a bit of “working” mode and Toma’s “suspense” mode.

In this game there are multiple story modes for each character:

Working Mode : Restaurant Themed Mini Games (so cute!)

Suspense Mode : Mystery themed game that takes place during the 1st games story line

Love After : Takes place after Amnesia Later

So first off let me tell you so far I have only played Amnesia Later and not the first game. This made the “suspense” mode  a bit more of a challenge. Your choices actually effect the outcome so I needed to figure out the choices… I ended up with a bad end at 1st so I had to go through and actually try to figure out my answers!  I know it makes me creepy but I actually really like Toma so I chose to do his suspense mode first. I heard his “Love After” mode is very sweet in this game so I think I will try and tackle that tonight. I am so excited about this game so hopefully I can get through it and work on my Japanese skills at the same time!


I was going to write more but my internet connection is acting up so hopefully this will do…


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