weekly haul

OK Let’s see if this post is going to work… I really need to call the cable company about our internet connection…

DSC00321 An eye mask I got from the $1 spot at Target (for $3)

DSC00323 Bone shaped erasers!! I needed them for some reason…

DSC00325Sadly we all know this means I finished the 1st one. This was only $2 used so I bought it for summer reading.

DSC00327I got MAGIC CARDS!! This is my 1st time buying some and I am learning how to play! 🙂

DSC00328Thankfully I got this because with our slow internet I have had no Netflix/Hulu/crunchy roll all week!

DSC00330This too! It has the Mr T cartoon AND the Chuck Norris cartoon!!!!!!!!

DSC00332More summer reading! I now own all of Chuck Palahniuk’s books EXCEPT his non-fiction works. (but I still have 3 to read..)

DSC00334Finally re-got Coraline. I lent it to a friend and he ruined it and promised me a new one but after more than a year I got sick of waiting and got a new one.

DSC00335Lastly I got this. My mom bough a similar one (of Perry the Platypus) for the Bear Cub and she got me this one. I am going to keep jewelry in mine.

So that is the haul from when my family was up for the weekend. Hope you enjoy these posts, please comment if you enjoy seeing my hauls so I know to post more in the future.


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