Anime I Am Currently Watching

So this week watching anime is taking a higher priority than it sometimes does. I don’t think there is a reason I kind of just got into the anime ZONE. So I thought I would share with you and let you know what I am watching:

Dragonball / Dragonball Z


Re-watching these classic anime that I don’t think I’ve watched since the early ’00s. It’s always fun to return to the classics after taking a break. Plus with Dragonball I missed a huge chunk which I can now fill in!

Polar Bear Cafe



I am still working on finishing this up! With our internet being a butt face I haven’t been able to watch as much Crunchy Roll lately and so I am still about 30 episodes in. Less than 1/2 to go. This may be the cutest anime in the universe by the way!!

Uta No Prince Sama 2000%



I feel like lately I am always watching an anime based on a dating sim. The one I am currently watching is Uta No Prince Sama. I am watching season 2 currently without having seen season1. They are adding the first season to crunchy roll tomorrow though so I will be able to start watching that and get caught up. I actually like a couple of the boys in this series quite a bit and the main girl is a bit less annoying than some other main girls in otome games. The way they do the main girls eyes in this anime bug me though, she looks like she is possessed or something… Even still this is a very good series and some of the music is REALLY good.  The opening and ending animations make me giggle because I am immature by the way…

Ranma 1/2

Ranma Families Introduction


Another anime I am currently re-watching / watching some of it for the first time is Ranma 1/2. This series is so much fun to watch. All the characters are so crazy and about half of them turn into something else when they get cold water splashed on them. My favorite characters in this are Ranma, Ryouga, and Shampoo. All three of them have something they transform into and all three of them are intertwined in love somehow. If you have never watched this I hope you’ll give it a try even though the animation looks pretty dated.

The Devil is a Part Timer



Finally the last anime I am watching at this time is The Devil is a Part Timer. I am only on episode 3 with this one so far but it is really good and funny. I am excited to see where it goes!


So yeah that is what I am watching right now. One of them literally. I am watching DBZ as we speak! 🙂

What anime, if any are you currently watching?


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