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So the weekend is over. Which for me is always strangely nice because I work on the weekend. I did have family up for a bit on Friday and Saturday and that was fun. We got to go out for Japanese which I was going to take photos of but…didn’t bring my camera. I ALWAYS forget to bring my camera everywhere. ANYHOW, this week I am inspired by SPACE and the girls of the sci-fi tv and movies I love. (and David Bowie in “The Man Who Fell To Earth”) The Husband and I are going to watch a ton of Star Trek : The Next Generation this week AND try and watch the first two movies which includes “The Wrath of Khan”! Hope you all have a nice and nerdy week, let’s have some fun!!


4 thoughts on “Weekly Inspiration

      • Have you seen the original series? Captain Kirk isn’t weak like Picard….if only Riker was captain! Are you going to see the new movie this week? 😀

  1. I have seen episodes here and there through out the original series (probably about 20 of them). I actually really like Picard, I think if Riker was captain it would have been too much like just another Kirk as their personalities are very similar. I actually haven’t seen the 1st new movie so I won’t be going to see the newest one. Maybe one day…

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