Current Obsession: LUM! (Urusei Yatsura)

tumblr_mngjm8mJ9s1rvcdz3o1_500 Ok, so I know this is an old anime. A very long time ago in the age of the dinosaurs (or 1997-ish perhaps) I used to watch Saturday anime on the Sci-Fi channel. One of the movies they always seemed to play on rotation was the 2nd Urusei Yatsura movie. It was STRANGE but the one of the main characters (and the one everyone recognizes) Lum made me watch it every time it was on and eventually tape it on a VHS. After all these years I am finally watching the anime series and it is great! So I bring to you my current obsession! (well one of them) Look at how cute Lum is in that top photo and TRY to tell me you don’t want to watch it! I dare you… If  you do decide to watch it just remember, it is quite old. So the animation is not amazing but it’s so cute and funny you get over it. Now I am off to watch another dozen or so episodes! BYE! tumblr_mkreksPUAF1s705dko1_500



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