The Week Ends HERE

Arg! This was the week that never ends!

Finally it’s Friday and DATE NIGHT! I’m always so excited for date night!! (when it actually happens) What are the plans we have for date night?? Applebee’s/ Movie AT THE THEATER!! / Possible Book Buying!

We went to the zoo on Monday and ate at Red Robin (YUM) with my sister and her friend. I had THE BESERKER which is a new burger to tie in … with the new wolverine movie…. Weird. Well it was really good at least!

I watched a lot of Archer this week and am now caught up with what they have on Netflix. Such a funny show!  

Next week I am going down to visit my mom in my hometown. That should be good and we have stuff planned to do while we are down there. Hope you all have fun Father’s Day weekend plans! We are going to have an ADVENTURE TIME marathon and hopefully hang out with my dad and step mom a bit! 🙂



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