Sorry for the lack of posts..

my sister was here for awhile. I should be back to normal (well you know what I mean).

so! inspiration time:



tumblr_m3yw0vSN7M1qbrt1xo1_500 tumblr_meora50dKi1rvp5ygo1_500 tumblr_mhtkyjhzsy1rkt1puo1_500 tumblr_mkreksPUAF1s705dko1_500  tumblr_mm3hpugnMR1qded3go6_500 tumblr_mmywjhb81s1rub8zko1_500 121006_shy_by_bara_chan-d5hgex1 tumblr_mamku9Zqnd1qzkzi3o1_500 tumblr_mfrwsw9GaR1qb5bk4o1_r1_500


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