Some current things about ellenmeow:

It is 6 months till my birthday

I am a cat lover and owner

I love to play otome games, watch anime and play video games

I am going to an anime convention in a month

I am learning Japanese with the help of my friend Steven and my own brain

I am on a diet and trying to exercise

I am married and have a child

I was picked on a lot as a child and therefore am very shy


5 thoughts on “About

  1. “Ahn… Ecstacy~!” Thanks for following me! I’m actually suprised, that you are already married with a child, but that’s even MORE AWESOME! I mean even so, you’re still willing to learn Japanese. I do admire that fact, so good luck in learning Japanese! It’s a really fun language! 😉

  2. Your site is amazing and helpful so you were a definite follow. It makes paths easier to follow when you have a nice walk through and some Japanese knowledge (and dictionaries) Because I do have a family it makes it a bit harder to find study time but usually I try and teach my son the English version of the Japanese words I am learning for the day 🙂

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