current (probably unhealthy) obsession


oh look! I got a street pass notification!

Ok, so this is why I have put so many of my other obsessions on hold…. The ALMIGHTY 3DS (XL) has come into my life. Along with 2 super cute games. I can’t get enough… I think it’s a disease… Anyhow I have to limit myself to 3 hours a day. (One before Bear Cub wakes up, one after lunch when Bear Cub watches Jake and the Neverland Pirates and one right before bed) That just means I now game instead of my television (and Japanese learning) time.

Hopefully by the end of August my obsession will end (or at least dissipate.) Otherwise when Bear Cub goes to school in the fall I will get nothing done while he is gone. Except like pee and drink tea. So anyhow I just wanted to show you all my new DS and let you know that you should not buy one unless you are ready to take care of it and feed it and take it for walks. (I do actually take it on our walks because it has a pedometer in it – derp)

That’s all for now. Bye!

(oh by the way do you like my little Mr. Fantastic keychain/dangle? I love having a charm spot on my DS)


My Japanese For The Week

table teburu


refigerator reizoko


dishwasher sara araiki


electric mixer mikisa


ice cubes kagugori


doll ningyo

download (4)

teddy bear kuma no nuigurumi


dollhouse ningyo no ie


puppet yubi ningyo


toys omocha


sled sori


ice kori


snowflake setsuhen


icicle tsurara


snowstorm fubuki


I am also learning the katakana for :






Yeah! The pictures worked!

Let’s Learn Japanese!

Alright SO, I decided that I would share my words for this week! In case anyone was curious. 🙂 (I also thought Hello Kitty could help!)

kapetto – carpet


shinshitsu – bedroom


makura – pillow


dainingu rumu – dining room

Hello-Kitty-Dining-Room-Ideas (2)

kabin – vase



ima – living room

HK living room

danro – fireplace


yokushisu – bathroom


kagami – mirror

ZBDHELBIBMR_2_hello kitty mirror

daidokoro – kitchen


tokei – clock


oshiire – closet


terebijon – television


shiitsu – sheet


tana – shelf


mofu – blanket


doa – door


hijikase isu -armchair


beddo – bed


tenjo – ceiling


yane – roof


toiretto pepa – toilet paper


kabe – wall


entotsu – chimney

toire – toilet


yuka – floor


shii dii – CD  (compact disk)


I feel like I may be doing this every week , does any one know…can I type in kana on here or would I need a different keyboard or program?

Anime I Am Currently Watching

So this week watching anime is taking a higher priority than it sometimes does. I don’t think there is a reason I kind of just got into the anime ZONE. So I thought I would share with you and let you know what I am watching:

Dragonball / Dragonball Z


Re-watching these classic anime that I don’t think I’ve watched since the early ’00s. It’s always fun to return to the classics after taking a break. Plus with Dragonball I missed a huge chunk which I can now fill in!

Polar Bear Cafe



I am still working on finishing this up! With our internet being a butt face I haven’t been able to watch as much Crunchy Roll lately and so I am still about 30 episodes in. Less than 1/2 to go. This may be the cutest anime in the universe by the way!!

Uta No Prince Sama 2000%



I feel like lately I am always watching an anime based on a dating sim. The one I am currently watching is Uta No Prince Sama. I am watching season 2 currently without having seen season1. They are adding the first season to crunchy roll tomorrow though so I will be able to start watching that and get caught up. I actually like a couple of the boys in this series quite a bit and the main girl is a bit less annoying than some other main girls in otome games. The way they do the main girls eyes in this anime bug me though, she looks like she is possessed or something… Even still this is a very good series and some of the music is REALLY good.  The opening and ending animations make me giggle because I am immature by the way…

Ranma 1/2

Ranma Families Introduction


Another anime I am currently re-watching / watching some of it for the first time is Ranma 1/2. This series is so much fun to watch. All the characters are so crazy and about half of them turn into something else when they get cold water splashed on them. My favorite characters in this are Ranma, Ryouga, and Shampoo. All three of them have something they transform into and all three of them are intertwined in love somehow. If you have never watched this I hope you’ll give it a try even though the animation looks pretty dated.

The Devil is a Part Timer



Finally the last anime I am watching at this time is The Devil is a Part Timer. I am only on episode 3 with this one so far but it is really good and funny. I am excited to see where it goes!


So yeah that is what I am watching right now. One of them literally. I am watching DBZ as we speak! 🙂

What anime, if any are you currently watching?

Amnesia Crowd

I started playing Amnesia Crowd yesterday!



I have only played through a bit of “working” mode and Toma’s “suspense” mode.

In this game there are multiple story modes for each character:

Working Mode : Restaurant Themed Mini Games (so cute!)

Suspense Mode : Mystery themed game that takes place during the 1st games story line

Love After : Takes place after Amnesia Later

So first off let me tell you so far I have only played Amnesia Later and not the first game. This made the “suspense” mode  a bit more of a challenge. Your choices actually effect the outcome so I needed to figure out the choices… I ended up with a bad end at 1st so I had to go through and actually try to figure out my answers!  I know it makes me creepy but I actually really like Toma so I chose to do his suspense mode first. I heard his “Love After” mode is very sweet in this game so I think I will try and tackle that tonight. I am so excited about this game so hopefully I can get through it and work on my Japanese skills at the same time!


I was going to write more but my internet connection is acting up so hopefully this will do…

Japanese Progress

So some of you readers know Japanese… just a guess 😉

I am, as you may or may not know, currently learning. This week I am learning some verbs such as : kasegu (to earn money) , gami gami iu (pester), iki o nomu (to catch one’s breath), wakaru (to understand) and kanashimaseru (to make sad).  So here’s the thing, I am pretty good at the flash cards but I feel like it is kind of slow going. In addition to making flash cards and learning that way is there any thing you guys recommend?

I have my son so I can’t really take a class right now, so it has to be something I can do here.

I have gotten way too excited when I hear phrases or even words I understand. (and not just the ones I have known for years like Kawaii, Sayonara and other super typical ones)

Ones like Onaka ga suita (I’m hungry). When I heard Panda on Shirokuma Cafe say this … I jumped around so much my husband got a bit annoyed…. 🙂

Anyhow, I think I am probably learning at an ok rate but I WANT MORE KNOWLEGE!!


Some Movies I Watched Recently

Here is a list of the movies I watched in March:

Wreck It Ralph

So I had been wanting to see this since it came out in the theaters! I love video games and pixar movies so this was super exciting! It was definitely what I thought it was going to be. Toy Story but for video games. I can say it wasn’t my favorite pixar movie but it was really CUTE! Plus I love Sarah Silverman. haha So I am glad this was my Easter gift this year, once my son gets a bit older we can watch it together. For now…he has no interest… But I Recommend it!

Rosemary’s Baby

FINALLY! I had been wanting to watch this movie for so long. Not because I love horror films but because of the aesthetics. It looks so amazing from the costumes to the setting, and Mia Farrow is so pretty. Plus the things that happened in the real world to the director and his family following this movie were more horrific than the movie and after reading Helter Skelter this seems tame in comparison if you know what I mean…. This was a really good movie and a definite recommend!


I can not recommend this movie. It made me so uncomfortable… The fact that situations like this actually happened make me wonder how people can be so dumb. What happens is a girl is accused of stealing by a caller pretending to be a cop. He tells them that they have to strip search the girl in the back room and leave her in the care of a male person. You can probably guess what happens and while it’s not a graphic movie, it is hard to watch. I fast forwarded a part of it…. but I did finish it because once I start a movie there is something in me that has to finish it….

Battle Royale

FINALLY!!! This is another movie I had really been wanting to watch all of! I had seen part of it while over at a friend’s house about 5 years ago but never got around to watching all of it.Now that I have seen it all I find it super funny that the person who wrote The Hunger Games claims to have never seen it before… I loved it more than the hunger games. (Then again I hated the MOVIE version of The Hunger Games) It’s gory but so excessively that I find it kind of funny, you know like I cut your neck now here’s 3 gallons of blood spray. Anyway I thought it was a good movie.

Shakespeare High

A documentary about a big multi high school Shakespeare festival. Very interesting but kid’s with a lot of acting ambition always inspire me and make me uncomfortable at the same time. As a shy person, people who act over the top in front of others on purpose always make me cringe a bit. 

(A) Sexual

Another documentary. This time we have people that are asexual. The movie wasn’t so much about people that are asexual as it was about one persons experiences with being asexual. I found this documentary a bit boring…


Anyhow I also re-watched Happy Gilmore and Jackass The Movie. I find that the funnier I find the movie the more likely I am to watch it again. Also they just added a bunch of cartoon network cartoons to netflix, so we’ll see how many movies I watch this month. My goal for every month is five!