current (probably unhealthy) obsession


oh look! I got a street pass notification!

Ok, so this is why I have put so many of my other obsessions on hold…. The ALMIGHTY 3DS (XL) has come into my life. Along with 2 super cute games. I can’t get enough… I think it’s a disease… Anyhow I have to limit myself to 3 hours a day. (One before Bear Cub wakes up, one after lunch when Bear Cub watches Jake and the Neverland Pirates and one right before bed) That just means I now game instead of my television (and Japanese learning) time.

Hopefully by the end of August my obsession will end (or at least dissipate.) Otherwise when Bear Cub goes to school in the fall I will get nothing done while he is gone. Except like pee and drink tea. So anyhow I just wanted to show you all my new DS and let you know that you should not buy one unless you are ready to take care of it and feed it and take it for walks. (I do actually take it on our walks because it has a pedometer in it – derp)

That’s all for now. Bye!

(oh by the way do you like my little Mr. Fantastic keychain/dangle? I love having a charm spot on my DS)